1. How up-sell offer works 

With up-sell offer, you can suggest the pricier version of an item or relevant products with the product your customers have already interested in. The up-sell offers are triggered by "add to cart" button. Check it out in this demo store.

NoteYou can NOT offer the same item as the products just added to cart. If you want to create BOGO offer with Boost Sales, refer to the instruction here

2. How to create a custom upsell offer

You can watch our tutorial to create an up-sell offer here if you want.

Go to app' dashboard >> Up-Sell tab >> Click Add offer:

Step 1: Choose what type of upsell offer you want:

  • Add another product to cart: If the customers add up-sell items to cart, the target product will remain and not be replaced in the cart. 
  • Alternate target product with the higher-priced product: If the customers add upsell item to the cart, the target product will be replaced by the upsell item.


Step 2: Select target product(s) to create upsell offer for:

You can choose to offer upsell for all products on your store (Any product), specific products (Products), and products in a collection(s) (Customer Collections or Smart Collections).

Step 3: Set the upsell product you want to offer to your customers:

The choices to upsell can be a specific product(s); collection(s). You can offer the same collection as the target one in your upsell offer. But it doesn't work if you offer the same product as the target one. 


Step 4: Fill in your offer information -  Message & New price for upsell product:

  • Don't forget to fill out the message, otherwise, your upsell offer can't be saved. You should create an attractive and engaging message that make your offer irresistible.
  • You can choose to offer discount with Sales Motivator 

and/or offer discount by product:

Important note: If you want to offer value discount, Boost Sales app will automatically generate new variants. In order that these variants are invisible from your front-end, you will need to add some code to your theme. You can add the code yourself, following this instruction for 
BigCommerce platform. Or if you are not familiar with the code thing, our engineering team can complete this step for you for free. Just contact us and we will finish the code installation for you within 1 working day.

Step 5:  Click the “Submit Offer” button after everything is ready.

Tada! Now all is set. You can preview your offer in the app or check how it goes live in your store.

3. How the upsell displays

When a customer adds a product to cart, the up-sell offer will be shown as a popup to catch their attention. It doesn’t display full-screen so your customer won’t be distracted from buying. They can simply click to refuse your offer if they want.

The checkout button

  • You can choose the checkout button either to redirect to the cart page or checkout page by going to Setting tab >> Appearance
  • Initially, the checkout button is GREY to make your customer feel like they haven't finished their orders and encourage them to add more. When the upsell item(s) is added, the checkout button will turn GREEN

Minimized Icon:  

If your customers ignore or refuse your offer, it will be minimized to a small vibrating icon on the right corner so they can click whenever they want to open your offer again.

You can change the icon by going to Settings tab >> Appearance >> Minimized Icon:

Now it’s time for you to get started! Create up-sell now to boost sales for your shop.