Personalized Recommendation widgets are placed on page’s footer as default. To change their position on your site, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

On app’s dashboard, go to Setting and edit the field “Where do you want to show recommendation on your site?”

Settings in Personalized Recommendation

Name the custom position, starting with #, followed by any name you want. Here we make an example of #bk-custom-widget

Step 2:

Go to Shopify admin dashboard >> Online store >> Themes >> Edit HTML/CSS


Customize theme

Step 3:

Find the pages you want to put Personalized Recommendation widgets

On the editor window, copy this code and paste into the position you want to put the widgets:

<!-- Add beeketing widget -->

<div id="bk-custom-widget"></div>

<!-- End beeketing widget -->

Note: remember to remove # from the name #bk-custom-widget


Product.liquid file in Theme.

Step 4:

Click Save and you are done.

If you need our help to customize the position for you, contact us at and we will be right back within 24 hours!