There are 2 options to install Beeketing plugin - which connects your WooCommerce store with Beeketing system - into your Wordpress site:

    Option 1: Install and Activate directly on Plugin section in admin sidebar:

    In your Wordpress admin dashboard:

    1. Go to Plugin > Add New

    2. In the search field, enter “Beeketing” keyword to search for all Beeketing’s plugins

    3. Click Install Now, then click Activate Plugin.

    Option 2: Download Beeketing plugin in Wordpress Plugin Directory, then upload it to your site:

    1. Download Beeketing Plugin here.

    2. In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin

    3. Upload our beeketing-woocommerce.zip file

    4. Once the plugin is installed successfully after the file is uploaded, click Activate Plugin.


    After installing and activating Beeketing plugin successfully, you will see blue mark that instructs you to open Beeketing dashboard by clicking the Beeketing icon in sidebar menu, as below:

    If don't have a Beeketing acount yet, you will be asked to create a Beeketing account (FREE) to connect your WooCommerce store with Beeketing system:

    Enter your email address:

    Enter password to create account:

    After submitting Complete button, your account is created and your store is successfully connected with Beeketing. You will be automatically redirected to Beeketing Dashboard on your Wordpress admin, like this:

    You can go to Beeketing dashboard anytime to manage your apps and contact us for support:

    Any questions? Send us email at hi@beeketing.com, we will get back to you within 12 hours!