When setting up your Quick Facebook Chat for the first time, your chat window may not appear correctly on your site, like this:

Or just a long thin line and an X button.

Please be noted that: You must enter link to your Facebook business page, not personal Facebook account

There are 4 possible reasons and here's how to fix them quickly:

1. You do not put the right PAGE ID into the app settings:

Some customers just put in the name of the page, which is not correct. You need to put the page ID, which is between 2 source lines in the page link, as below:

Put it into the app admin dashboard:

If it is correct, your chat box example will be shown in the "Your chat box will be like this". If not. That box will be empty.

2. Your Facebook response time does not allow chat box to show:

What is response time display?

This is a new Facebook feature to let customers know how long they should expect before their messages to be responded. On your Facebook fanpage admin tab, you should be able to see it on the left hand bar.

Why you need to change this setting

At the moment, Facebook is automatically calculating the average response time. However, when you setup an on-store messenger window, Facebook might get confused and can’t automatically calculate the average response time, and therefore won’t show your window.

Just change this auto setting to one of the other 4 manual options, following these steps:

First, go to Setting:


In your setting page, click on Messaging tab and you should be able to see your response time display setting.


This won’t make any changes in how you exchange messages on your fanpage, just shows your fans a different response time.

3. Page restrictions prevents users who are not logged in Facebook or restricted from seeing the chat box

Some business pages are restricted to some specific countries and age limit. Thus, users who are not logged in Facebook (Facebook cannot recognize) or restricted by the page's rectriction rules cannot see the chat box.

How to fix this: set your page to be visible to everyone.

4. Your theme conflicts with Quick Facebook Chat's style --> prevent chat box from showing on your store

This case is not common, but some stores have themes that contain special elements that conflict with and prevent Facebook chat box from showing up on site.

If you have tried 02 solutions above and still cannot get your chat box up, you probably fall into this case. If so, please Contact us at hi@beeketing.com to get support. Our customer success agent and engineer staff will fix this issue for you within 24 hours.

Many thanks!

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