If you need help installing, feel free to send us a request, we are offering free installation so you can use Better Coupon Box without any problem. 

Better Coupon Box is a great way to increase your sales & social followers, below are some steps that you can take to install this plugin to your Weebly store.

Step 1

Search for “Better Coupon Box” on Weebly App Center or go to Beeketing website to get the install link.

Step 2

Click “Add” button on Weebly App Center or “Install” button in Beeketing website.

Step 3

Submit all the required information to start then click “Save & Active” when you’ve done.

* Note: If you do not own a Weebly Business Package and can not create a coupon code on your site, please follow our examples about 3 Best Ecommerce Pop ups (No coupon required) here.

Step 4

Click on "Apps" button on the left of your Weebly setting page.

Step 5

Once you are there, you should see "My apps".

Step 6

Here, you should see Better Coupon Box, when you click on "Manage", there will be a setting page for you to do.

Step 7

Publish your site: Go to Weebly Dashboard and click “Publish” on top right corner to activate Better Coupon Box.

Step 8

And that's it. You're done!

How will your Better Coupon Box display? 

When customer visit your website, a small icon will be shown on the right corner of your store. When customer click to that button, a coupon will shown up. To get coupon code, customer has to follow 1 of yours social media networks.

If they ignore or refuse it, it will be minimized into a small icon on the right corner as the beginning.

We are incessantly trying to improve our products based on customers’ feedback, so if you have any suggestion, please let us know and we'll try our best to make it happen. 



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