eCommerce stores based on any platforms or custom-built can integrate with Better Coupon Box app via Javascript integration.

Step 1: Sign up with Beeketing >> Choose Others:

>> Enter your store domain:

>> Register your account

>> Choose Get App to install Better Coupon Box app

Step 2: Configure your app settings:

Step 3: Add your scripts to your website's footer:

When you save all settings, you will be asked to complete the last step: add Beeketing generated scripts to your theme's footer so that the coupon popup can show up on your storefront. Click Theme Integration tab in the sidebar menu to copy the code.

After adding your script into your theme's footer, go back to the app dashboard, hit Save button again. The coupon popup should then show up on your storefront. 

If the coupon popup doesn't show up, Contact us for Support

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