There are several reasons why a coupon doesn't show up:

1. It could be that your coupon hasn't been turned on yet. Please go to your app dashboard >> turn on the switch

2. It could be that you only see a minimized "Get discount" button, not the coupon.

Please be noted that the coupon box only automatically pops out when you first enter the website. If you use the same browser to visit it the second time, the popup will not automatically display but you need to manually open it by clicking the minimized button on the right hand side.
I suggest that you clear cache or use incognito browser to enter your site again as a new visitor, you will see the popup display automatically. 

3. Another common reason is your "Limit time for this offer", your coupon box will not show if it is a past or future period of time. 

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If your coupon still doesn't show up , please contact us via