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This article is an introduction of Checkout Boost. There are a lot of options to configure this app, please spend 15 minutes to read the writing so you can make the most suitable configuration for your store. 

Please take a quick tour by watching our tutorial video How to Create Offers with Checkout Boost app

Demo store: https://scn-checkout-boost.myshopify.com

If you want to increase checkout rate, prevent cart abandonment and bring on referral traffic from social media, this app can help you achieve all these goals. You can create many types of exciting offers with great functions:

Countdown Timer offers to create the urgency that makes customers check out faster
Exit-intent offers to prevent customers from leaving before making a purchase
Share-to-get offers to encourage customers to share their cart to Facebook / Twitter in order to get a free gift/discount/free shipping code. Not only can you drive current customers to checkout successfully, but you can also have more referral traffic from their social networks.
Post-purchase Upsell offers which upsell related items after your customers check out
Sales Gamification offers: ask your customers to spend more to reach the order value goal qualified for a special offer

Now, let's get started! In Checkout Boost app backend, you'll see 5 main tabs to set up the app, below is a quick walkthrough of this app.

1. Dashboard:

In the dashboard, you will see an overview of Checkout Boost's conversion rate in this month, this week, today, even yesterday as well as the number of times that your orders have been shared via Facebook or Twitter. The app can even track the sales generated if there is anyone referring to your site by clicking on the link shared and making purchases.

Checkout Boost dashboard

2. Offers: This is the tab where you manage all your Checkout Boost offers. You can easily turn on/ off or delete any offer here. Click on any offer or hit Add offer to create a new one.

Checkout Boost Offers tab

There are 3 types of offer that you can create with Checkout Boost:

2.1. Countdown offer: Your visitors will be motivated to complete their purchase and get your offer within a period of time (this is determined by you). The offer will disappear when customers first see it and will reappear after 1 week. 

Checkout Boost Countdown Timer popup

2.2. Just-Take-It offer: Visitors will only need to click 'Get deal' to receive the offer if their carts meet the condition you set up. 

 Checkout Boost Just-take-it Popup

2.3. Share-To-Get offer: Your visitors will be encouraged to share your product to social networks to get offer. This kind of offer helps to increase both of your conversion rate and organic traffic from the shares of your customers. 

Checkout Boost Share-to-get Popup

With Just-Take-It and Share-To-Get offers, you can offer a free gift as an incentive to motivate customers to complete their purchases, like this:

Checkout Boost Free-gift
In this case, it is required to finish code installation as our instruction hereSince Shopify API doesn't provide a way for third-party apps to lower item's price, whenever you offer a free gift, there will be free gift variant generated accordingly. The code work is required in order to hide this variant on your storefront, however, please do not delete free gift variant in your store backend. If you find it hard to play with code, simply invite us (hi@beeketing.com) to your store admin so we can help you do it for FREE. 

        (This is NOT required for Shopify users who use Shopify checkout API)

Checkout Boost free-gift variants

If you select cart discount or free shipping, you will need to create a coupon code in shop admin and submit that code while creating your offers. The app can not generate such codes for you. 

3. Theme - Popup background:

Here you can select any available built-in theme, upload your own background image of the popup, design texts of the offer's subject and message.

Checkout Boost theme
3.1. Special Themes: available with Pro and Ninja plans only3.2. Customizable Themes: Customizable Themes are available with all plans but you need to be activated as Power User. Please send us a request to hi@beeketing.com (Title: Your store domain - Checkout Boost - Activate power use to unlock customizable themes), we will unlock this feature for you.
4. Settings: 
Checkout Boost settings tab
In this tab you can do the followings: 

4.1 Select Social networks you want to enable for sharing

4.2. Minimized icon of the offerIf customers close the offer, it will be minimized as a small gift icon, so that they won't miss the offer. Checkout Boost Mini iconYou can change the offer's minimized icon and its position or even hide it.   


4.3.  Turn on/off Checkout Boost on mobile device: You can find the option to turn on/off Checkout Boost on Settings tab

5.  Translate

All the wordings on Checkout Boost pop ups can be changed here.



Now it's your turn! Create an offer now to boost your sales. You can visit our helpdesk for common questions about Checkout Boost as well. Moreover, We've summed up here the key strategies for you to use Checkout Boost effectively, take a look and apply it to increase your revenue with us! 

If you have any difficulties in creating offers or optimizing the app, please feel free to drop a message at hi@beeketing.com. We are always here to help.

Beeketing team

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