Follow this detailed instruction to create a Better Coupon Box offer and power it up with many features

In the App Dashboard of Better Coupon Box, there are 5 tabs to manage different elements of the coupon box: Settings, Design, Subscribers, Email Subscription and Translate. Let's go over each tab to see what you can do to optimize your coupon box elements there:


Enter the basic elements of your coupon box and set up its display options:


Step 1: Submit all required information to create the coupon box:





  • Subject: Let's create a "hook" to catch your customer's' attention about your promotion campaigns

  • Message: Explain more about your campaigns, especially how to get the discount code. For example: Follow us on social media to get 20% off on all purchases today.

  • Coupon code: Enter coupon code(s).

Better Coupon Box supports multiple one-time codes to make sure each customer can only use a coupon code once only, so add as many coupon codes into this field as you want. Create a coupon code in your shop Admin as instruction for each platform as below:


Step 2: Enter social network profiles and activate email subscription: 




  • Enter your Facebook page ID, Twitter handle, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, URLs into the placeholders as instructed. Not all profiles are required, you only need to enter social profiles that you want to integrate into the coupon box.
  • If you do not require customers to follow social media to get coupon codes, just leave these fields blank.
  • Check the option “Collect email from customers to engage them” if you want to collect customer emails with your coupon box.


Step 3: Set up Display Options: 




1. How should we show coupon box:


There are 4 options to choose where to show your coupon box on the site:


  • Automatically on first page: popup automatically show on homepage when customers first visit the site

  • On second page: if customers navigate to any site after entering homepage, the popup will show

  • Smart on exit-intent: popup only shows when customers hover mouse around the browser bar, indicating that they're about to leave the site

  • Only show when customers click Get Discount button: popup only shows if customers want to open it manually by clicking the Get discount button in site corner


2. Who do you want to show coupon box:


This setting allows you to target audience for your coupon code. There are 3 options: All Customers, New Visitors only, and Returning visitors (visited more than once within last 30 days)




3. Mobile settings

  • Check option “Turn on coupon box on mobile devices” to activate your coupon box on mobile devices. We support iOS and Android devices.

  • Check option “Turn on Google Mobile Safe” to reduce coupon box to a smaller-sized popup on mobile for better user experience according to Google Ranking rule.


4. Customize Get Discount button

  • Choose where to put the Get Discount button on your site with 4 options

  • Customize the button color to make it match your store design

  • Hide Get Discount button after customers see popup the first time: Check this option if you only want to show the coupon box once to each customer. After turning off the popup, they will not be able to open it again manually.




5. More options (Optional):

  • Limit time for this offer: choose a specific time to display your coupon box on site

  • Show coupon box in specific pages only: if you want to display the coupon box on specific collections/products pages or cart page only, set up this option as instructed in the app dashboard.


Step 4: Click Save when finishing all steps 


Check all the settings all over again to make sure it's set as you wish, then Save your coupon box and view live on your store:

(For Weebly users only: Better Coupon Box won't be live until you republish your site on Weebly Admin. So please active the coupon box by going to to Weebly Admin then republishing your Weebly site.)




In this tab, you can design your own coupon box popup to match your store design.


  • There are 06 customizable templates with different styles. You can choose an image from the app library or upload your own brand image to add in the theme.



  • Holiday themes collection are pre-designed themes to help you decorate your store on holiday sales seasons.

  • If you know CSS codes, you can even code your own coupon popup with Custom CSS/HTM




All emails collected via Submit Email field will be stored here. You can export subscriber list in .csv file.




Better Coupon Box seamlessly auto-syncs email subscribers collected to other Email Service Providers: MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, iContact, Klaviyo. 


Especially, Beeketing builds our own email marketing app that works like a charm with Better Coupon Box - Mailbot Email Marketing.






Translate any default text on coupon box into different messages and/or languages as you want





We have walked you through all settings in Better Coupon Box. Simple, isn’t it?


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