The coupon code is created in Shopify admin as Shopify instruction, and Better Coupon Box app reveals codes to customers in store's front end. Technically, Better Coupon Box alone cannot support one-time coupon code for each customers.

Fortunately, we have Bulk Discounts app - developed by Shopify (so it is FREE) - to work with Better Coupon Box to generate unique discount code for each customer.

What is Bulk Discounts app?

Bulk Discounts app is a free app developed byShopify that lets you import discount codes into your store, or create large quantities of discount codes for your customers to use.

How to create unique discount codes with Bulk Discount and Better Coupon Box:

Step 1 - Install Bulk Discounts app into your store:

Link to download:

Step 2 - Generate a discount set with Bulk Discounts:

Step 3: Export discount set:

The file exported is in .zip format and sent to your admin account's email. Download the file to your computer and export it to .csv file.

Step 4: Import discount code into Better Coupon Box

Click "upload CSV here" to upload the .csv file exported from Bulk Discounts app. The codes will be automatically imported into the Coupon Code(s) box as above.

You're done now! Each time a unique customer visits your store, they will see one of the codes you generated in buld and can ony use that code once. No more worry about your code being used over and over again by one customer ;)

Contact us at if you need support or have any questions!


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