We have launched 3 brand-new features of Boost Sales app to give online sellers a hand to easily boost their sales this holiday season: Countdown timer, Stock Countdown and Mission Control.

1. Countdown timer & Stock Countdown

While Countdown Timer showcases the duration of your deals, Stock Countdown urges visitors to grab your upsell/cross-sell offers instantly before the offers runs out of stock.

Both features enforce “the fear of missing out”, prompting customers to buy instantly without a second thought.

To add these elements into your offers, go to Boost Sales Dashboard >> Upsell/Cross-sell >> Choose an offer to edit>> Offer’s discount

2. Mission Control

This feature will allow Boost Sales users to turn on/off their offers as well as change offer’s themes in an automatic way. This would help merchants to leverage flash sales or seasonal promotions.

In order to activate this feature, go to Boost Sales dashboard >> Mission Control >> Click Create event

  • Event Title: Your event name
  • Start date & End date: Choose the duration of your offers/theme.
  • Offer release: Select the offers you want to schedule.
  • Change theme: The app will automatically switch to your selected theme when the event occurs

That’s it. If you find any difficulties to set up, please Contact us to get more helps!