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While scheduling your Mailbot campaigns, you will have some options to set the timezone of sending emails, the date (10/31/2018 - 19:00 for example) will be counted based on this time zone.


To explain briefly. there are two types of timezone: Unique Timezone and Recipient's timezone.

- Unique timezone: A fixed timezone will be used in this case. For example: if you choose Friday - 12:00 - UTC +1, all emails will be sent at 12:00 on Friday, UTC +1 timezone. No matter where your customers (on that customer segment) are living, they will receive your email at the same time.

Recipient's timezone: Your customer's time zone will be used in this case. If your customers have different time zones, it means that they will not receive your emails at the same time.

Note if you choose recipient's timezone: 


- By the time you click "Schedule Campaign", in some areas, that scheduled time has already passed. Therefore, Mailbot will not send email for a customer if the time you scheduled has passed more than 12 hours in his city. 

For example: you live in UTC -7 and created the campaign at 17:00 to send at 19:00 Nov 20. However, by the time you created that campaign, in UTC +7, it has already been 07:00 Nov 21, 14 hours ahead of the scheduled time. So people in UTC +7 will not receive that email.

- In this case, it is suggested to create the campaign more than 12 hours before the scheduled time. For example, if you want to send the campaign to all customers at 19:00 on Friday, Recipient's timezone, please create the campaign at 07:00 on Friday or sooner.

More instructions can be found here.

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