We understand that to improve the visitors' experience, you may have specific needs to record and replay keystroke data on specific input fields. However, you can whitelist certain fields.

By default, Insightful will record all keystroke data on whitelisted fields (This proceed is automatically done for you)

You can suppress all keystroke data, replacing text with "***" and quantity of orders/quantity field within shopping carts with "111" by turning off this option when editing recording settings.


Whitelisting of fields takes priority over on-page text suppression. If a text field that is whitelisted contains a number or email address, the text will be shown on Recordings, Heatmap screenshots even if on-page text suppression is turned on.

Whitelisting restrictions

Insightful will have restrictions in places which will prevent you from whitelisting fields with potentially sensitive personal information. These fields will always be suppressed by the Insightful script. In the cases mentioned below, keystroke data will never be recorded or sent to our servers and is always suppressed.

  • Credit Card numbers: If a customer enters 10 or more digits in sequence, Insightful assumes that this is a Credit Card number so the data is suppressed. Although credit card numbers can be detected through an algorithm, we purposely chose to use a more basic method since an algorithm could fail to suppress a credit card number with an accidental typo.
  • Email Addresses: If a customer enters what appears to be an email address, the data is suppressed.
  • Fields of a specific HTML Type: Any fields using one of the following HTML types - password, email
  • Input fields with specific Names or IDs: Any input fields with an HTML Name or ID attribute equal to one of the following - username, name, surname, familyname, fullname, email, phone, telephone, tel, postcode, mobile, address, ssn, dob, dateofbirth, password, pass, creditcard, cc, ccnum, ccname, ccnumber, ccexpiry, ccexp, ccexpmonth, ccexpyear, cccvc, cccvv, cctype, cvc, cvv. For names and IDs, case and the symbols "-" and "_" are ignored.

*Note: Insightful will not record checkout flow/checkout pages to avoid recording sensitive personal information.