Insightful uses the Snapshot term for Heatmaps and Recordings.

A Snapshot is an on-demand report based on a sample of data. The Snapshot size refers to the number of pageviews used to generate a particular report.

For example, the Recordings will stop when the number of pageviews defined by the Snapshot has been reached. If you want to continue recording your pageviews, you will need to start your Recordings again.

Heatmap Snapshots

  • STARTER - 2,000 pageviews per Snapshot
  • PRO - 10,000 pageviews per Snapshot
  • NINJA - 50,000 pageviews per Snapshot

Recording Snapshots

  • STARTER - 100 recordings per Snapshot
  • PRO - 2,000 recordings per Snapshot
  • NINJA - 5,000 recordings per Snapshot

*Note: Each plan will have different limit for the number of Recordings that can be stored in your account:

  • STARTER - last 300 user recordings
  • PRO - last 6,000 user recordings
  • NINJA - Unlimited user recordings