Install Mailbot to turn your visitors into revenue with personalized follow-up emails!

It is recommended that you configure your domain's DNS settings to show ISP (Internet Service Providers) and let email providers like Gmail & Yahoo know that you grant Beeketing permission to send emails for you, in order to improve email deliverability. 

In this article, we send you a detailed instruction to verify your sending domains, in case you are using one of those common providers: 

- Shopify

- GoDaddy

- Namecheap

- Weebly.  

Before getting started, kindly take a look at our solution here about Why should you verify your sending domains to use Mailbot then follow the instruction below to finish the verification.

Step 1: Copy the records from your Mailbot Dashboard

Go to Mailbot app Settings >> Sender Information >> Verify Domain, you will see a board like this. In this board, we have prepared some CNAME, TXT and MX records for you to create in your domain DNS settings.


Step 2: Add these copied records into your DNS settings in your domain provider account.

In general, no matter what domain providers you are using, in this step you just need to find the DNS setting and then add those above records into it. For example, if you have 10 records on Mailbot dashboard, you will need to add 10 records into your provider account. 

Note 1: In the case of MX records, the priority can be set as 1 or 10. CNAME and TXT don't need to set priority.

2.1 Find the DNS Settings.

All Domain hosts will have the DNS Setting area where you can add/manage CNAME/TXT/MX records. It usually places under the Domains Setting. 

2.2 Add the records. 

Note 2: Based on each domain providers, there will be two ways to add the records: With or without the "" in the Host. 

verify domain

- Need the Namecheap, Weebly

- Don't need Godaddy, Shopify.

You only need to remember two notes above. After that, all providers will have the same ways to add the records. 

a. Namecheap:

After logging into your Namecheap account, kindly go to Domains Settings >> find the domain >> click Manage >> Advanced DNS >> Add new record


Simply add choose the type as CNAME or MX or TXT and add the Host/Value exactly like what we show you on the app dashboard:


b. Weebly:

To make changes to your DNS records, go to the Domains page in your account and click on the domain you want to work with. Here you can modify the nameservers and DNS records. Firstly, you can click Edit the DNS records to add CNAME/TXT records. Then you can scroll down to Edit the MX records separately.

Remember that you need to add your behind the host.

After that, this is how it looks:


weebly MX records

c. GoDaddy

After Logging in to your My Products page. >> click Manage the domain >> DNS Settings. To add these records, you can refer to the video in this instruction: Setting Up Your CNAME with GoDaddy 

With GoDaddy, you don't need to add your after the Host. Also, Value will be called as "Point to" in this provider.

d. Shopify


The DNS setting is under Online Stores setting on your Shopify Admin dashboard. Kindly click on Online Stores >> Domain >> click the name of the domain that you want to transfer >> DNS settings. To add a new record, click Add custom record, select the record type, and then enter and confirm the details.

Here is Shopify instruction for your reference: Viewing and editing settings for Shopify domains 

Remember that with Shopify, you also don't need to add the behind the host.

Step 3: Back to Mailbot dashboard and check the verification.

After adding all records, kindly go back to the Sender information setting and check your verification.


You may need to check for more than one time since your ISP will need 2-3 minutes to verify the domain. A verified domain should look like this:


That's all and your domains have been verified. 

Cannot find your ISP in here? Don't worry, kindly refer to this link: How do I verify my domain? or simply click Request FREE verification setup to get assistance from Beeketing team.

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