a. How Heatmaps works

Insight collect data generated by store visitors and provide super-detailed heatmaps showing how visitors interact with the store. You can easily understand what your customers want, care about and how they interact with your site by seeing their clicks, taps and scroll behaviors: The more clicks an area of the store gets, the brighter (or hotter) its color will be.

b. How to activate heatmaps for one or many pages

In order to track specific page(s) on your store, go to App's dashboard >> Heatmaps >> click on Add heatmap button

Fill out the heatmap setting options:

  • Heatmap's name: Choose a short and simple name
  • Select the number of pageviews which will be collected to generate the heatmap
  • Choose target pages: You can choose to generate the heatmap for a specific page or many similar ones
  • Click Save & Activate

Notice: Heatmaps after Page Design Changes

If you have made a change to your page design, you should create a new Heatmap to start recording data on your new page layout.
Pause the existing Heatmaps of the old design in order to keep your data for those pages.