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Buy Again Email

How Buy Again Campaign benefits?

Buy Again Campaign helps you send replenishment emails to existing customers so that they will continue buying the product from your store. Mailbot will send the emails to notify them one week (by default) before they need to buy that product again, based on your settings for the cycle.

To whom it sends?

This campaign will be sent to customers who purchased at your store before, and their purchased products belong to the collection of products that should be bought again.

When will the campaign send?

First off, this campaign will be turned off. After you have set the product's cycle, you can turn on the campaign. 

By default, emails will be sent 1 week before the cycle to remind customers, but you can totally change this time settings.

Buy again date

How to configure a product's cycle?

Kindly visit Automation tab >> Buy Again Campaign, you will see the option to configure the cycle.

Buy Again Configuration

By clicking the Configure Product's Cycle button, you can start to set up any cycle as you want.

cycle configure

More Instruction of Mailbot can be found here. We hope Mailbot will be your helpful Email Marketing assistant!