a. How User Recordings works

Insight records every visitor to your store in a video format, showing how they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across multiple pages. By watching these recordings, you can immediately know the exact journey of visitors through your site, how long they stay and where they get stuck.

Understanding Your Recordings

The first thing you will notice when playing Recordings is that each of your visitors' actions is represented by a different color on the playback timeline. Here is what each color represents:

  • Red: The visitor on clicks an element on your page.

  • Yellow: The visitor either reloads the current page or navigates to another page on your site.

  • Grey line: The visitor scrolls on the current page.

  • White: The visitor interacts with a form element, such as a text field or a select dropdown.

  • Pink: The visitor changes their screen-size.

  • No color: The visitor is idle / not interacting with the page.

* You can hover the color to show the explanation tooltips

b. How to activate User Recordings feature

In order to activate User Recordings, go to App's dashboard >> User Recordings>> click on Record Settings button

  • Quantity: Select a number of recordings (videos) for the page you want to track
  • Page Targeting: You can freely decide to record visitors who land on a specific page or any pages of the site.
  • Recording options: Choose a few or all options below:
    • Only record sessions with click and scroll activity 
    • Only record sessions longer than 30 seconds
    • Record activities which are done with a keyboard: fill out a form, sign up, etc.