Sometimes, you decide to send gifts for your customers only when they have done some required actions such as: their cart must be greater/under a specific amount, or the cart must contain/ not contain specific items or collections. With Checkout Boost pre-purchase offers, you can totally do this.

First of all, please take a quick tour by visiting our Demo store

While creating a new offer, you will see the setting area as the screenshot below: 

Set rules for offers

After choosing when to show the offer, you can also choose additional rules as the screenshot above so that if your customer satisfies the rule, they will get the offer. 

There is a variety of attributes to set up rules according to the moment you choose to show the offer. If you choose Show offer after customers add matched product to cart, there will be three attribute: Product, Product price and Cart total price 

Show offer after the customers add matched product to cart

In case you choose the other two options: Show offer on Cart page and Show offer on Exit-intent, there are two attributes only: Cart items and Cart total price


Set rules when showing offer on Exit-intent

You can add more than 1 rule, so your customers will only receive the gift if they meet all those rules.

Set up multiple rules

You can totally notice customers buy more to meet your rules, please refer to this article: How to use sale motivator feature? You can visit our helpdesk for some common questions about Checkout Boost as well.

If you have any difficulties in creating offers or optimizing the app, please don’t hesitate to contact us or drop us a message at We are always here to help you.

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