As soon as customers view one of the pre-selected products in your cross-sell offers, the offer will show up as an embed widget under Add-to-Cart button with Simple Inline theme by default. You can always change its theme into Styled Block or choose another way to show your cross-sell offer (as a corner pop-up) by visiting App Settings >> Cross-sell settings >> How do you want your cross-sell offer to show?

1. Corner pop-up

Below is how a corner pop-up looks like:

The pop-up will show up at the very first moment when customers get to your product page. If you want customers to focus on your cross-sell offer rather than the being-viewed product, this kind of display option is definitely for you.

2. Embedded widget

  • Inline theme is the default theme for the embedded widget, which is very simple and matches almost store themes


  • With Styled Block theme, the additional products in your cross-sell offer are listed below the Add-to-cart button.

Besides, you can change the position of the embed widget as well:

Step 1: Choose the option of Embed widget >> click on Change widget position:

Step 2: A product page displaying as editing mode will show up:

Step 3: Choose and click on the position that you like:

Step 4: Then, finish the change by clicking on the Save button and Turn off editing mode.

Done! Now enjoy your sales going up