Please follow these steps to add pictures to the email template:

1.  Get a permanent link for the image by uploading it to a free picture hosting and photo sharing servicer for websites and blogs.

We recommend

  • Select and upload the image from your computer

  • Copy the image link: After uploading the image, there will be several links generated. The link which can be used in Happy Email is the Direct link, please copy that link

2. Add the image to Happy Email

  • Access Happy Email app dashboard and hit Edit.

  • Add the direct link for your image (the one generated in Step 1 to the email)

  • Hit Save Changes and it's done.

In case that you want to add a link or center the image in the email, please follow the steps below

  • Click the image and hit the "Edit" button:

  • Add your title, link and change the position of the image:

  • Hit Save and Save Changes and that's done.

Should you have any other problems, please contact us or drop an email at to get support. 

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