Apps in Beeketing platform can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Apps that can work on the front end of any websites via javascript integration: Better Coupon Box and Quick Facebook Chat
  • Apps that requires API integration that allows Beeketing to sync with your shop's full data of products, carts, checkouts, etc. and track customer activities. All other Beeketing apps fall into this category.

Currently, we haven't supported API integration with other platforms and custom-built stores.

Thus, if your store is not based on supported platforms, you will not be able to install most of Beeketing apps that fall into the second category.

Good news is, we are working on building an API integration that allows any eCommerce merchant to set up all Beeketing apps on their website. We will realease an official announcement and publish the API documentation when the project is completed. 

At the moment, please Sign Up and get started with Better Coupon Box and Quick Facebook Chat apps. When you get aboard with each app, you will be instructed step-by-step how to inject your custom javascripts into your site to enable the apps on your storefront. Instructions as below:

If you need any help with custom integration or have questions about Beeketing, Contact Us to receive support within 1-2 business days.