1. Subscriber acquirement

When people land on your online store after the installation, they are prompted if they desire to receive notifications by a permission box.

- If the customer hits Subscribe, they will be added to your Subscribers list.

- If the customer closes the box, it will be minimized as a Subscription bar on your site as in the screenshot below. That would make easier for customers in case they want to recall the permission box to subscribe.

Both Permission Box and Subscription Bar can be easily customized to land in a number of positions and have appropriate colors matching your site’s branding. You can even upload your store logo to the Permission Box. The instruction for that can be found in the next parts of this article.

2. Cart Abandonment Recovery

Your subscribers now get the notifications of their abandoned carts directly on their screen. By default, they will receive a series of 3 notifications in 15 mins, 1 hour and 24 hours after they leave your store without purchasing the products added into the cart. The notifications can also be customized as instructed in the next parted of this article. 

When clicking on the notifications, customers will be droven back  to their carts to complete their purchases.

That's how it works. Let's take further look at how to work with Recover Cart Pusher and how you customize the app.


1. Install Recover Cart Pusher

Currently, Recover Cart Pusher is supported on Shopify only. Just with one-click installation, the app will work immediately. Other integrations are coming soon!

2. Customize the Permission Box & the Subscription Bar

Below are the options that you can use to customize Permission Box:

- Time delay: a period since the customer accesses the site the box will be displayed ( For example 5 or 10 or15 seconds after the customers enter your store)

- Color and wording of the subject, message and buttons.

Subscription Bar

With this bar, you can:

- Edit text on the bar

- Change the Position: Top right/ Top left/ Bottom right/ Bottom left...

- Choose the text and background color of the bar 

3. Customize Abandoned Cart Notification series

You will be able to send at most three notifications to each customer whenever they abandon their carts. With the notifications, you can:

- Turn off some of them if needed

- Edit the subject and message to make them fit your brand.

- Add one or two custom CTA buttons (This works on Chrome and FireFox only)

- Send test notifications to see how it works

That's it! It's easy to understand and take less than 2 minutes to set up. What do you wait for more?

Start recovering your lost sales with Recover Cart Pusher NOW!