This app shows notifications of recent sales on the corner when customers are shopping around your store. The idea comes from the proven efficiency of social proof: when people see that your store is active and many others are making purchases, they will have more trust and be willing to place an order with you.

Once installed, Sales Pop will create "sync notifications" from your latest orders. Afterward, every time you have a new order, there will be a corresponding notification made as well. 

Your store is new and you haven’t got any orders yet? No worries, You can also create custom notifications as if someone have just made a purchase of products you purposefully want to promote.

Sales Pop increases your website's trust factor by showing:


To increase notifications’ authenticity, you can show the real name and the location of the buyer in popup message, like this: “Camelia from Lyon, France has just bought a Keep Calm T-shirt 2 mins ago”.

For sync notifications, this information is taken from customer’s order details (name and delivery address). For custom notifications, you can set up many variables for the application to choose randomly when creating notifications.


You can add direct URL link so that if visitors are interested, they can click on the recent sales popups to view details on product page.


If you need any support, do not hesitate to contact us.

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