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This solution is for stores which use a product page as home page. It's very easy to add Mobile Converter to your homepage in this case. Please follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Find the product ID.

To get the Product ID Number, please go to ‘Products’.

Access Product in Menu bar

Click on the product that you want to get the Product ID Number.

Product list in backend

Go to the URL at the top and copy the number that comes after ‘…/products/’

Product ID in product's URL

Step 2. Replace the product ID you find in step 1 with Product ID in this code:


__st = window.__st || {};

__st.p = 'product';

__st.rid = Product ID;


For example:


__st <span>=</span> window<span>.</span>__st <span>||</span> <span>{</span><span>}</span><span>;</span>

__st<span>.</span>p <span>=</span> <span>'product'</span><span>;</span>

__st<span>.</span>rid <span>=</span> <span>9039433234</span><span>;</span>


Step 3. Add the code above to the index.liquid file.

index.liquid file update

That's done. 

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