1. How Quick View feature works

Taking advantage of Quick view feature, you can make the shopping experience much more convenient and easy than ever. Instead of being redirected to the product page, your customers can explore more details of the products they are interested in at ease. 

Once clicking the product image from your home page, collection page or Up-sell/ Cross-sell offers..., a Quick view popup will show up immediately and all the details will be presented clearly. 

2. How to configure Quick View popup

2.1 Activation

The setting of Quick view feature can be found in Setting tab >> Quick View

2.2 Product recommendation block

Besides the product's description, you can integrate the smart recommendation option in the Quick view popup. These recommendations are generated by smart algorithms based on sales history and customers' behaviors the app collects and analyses.

2.3 Variants selection

Normally the variants will be displayed in the drop-down format. However, the most 2 popular types of variants which are sizes and colors have been specially pre-designed. With a few configuration steps, you will get your Quick View popup eye-catchy and well- illustrated. 


  • If you name your sizes options as "Size", the app can detect and sync all the available variants to the popup. Otherwise, please help the app understand by specifying the title in the setting.

  • Size guide page: In some special cases, the size options should be explained and presented with more details in other sources to assist shoppers to get to know your products and make the decision. In these circumstances, the link to the instruction page can be embedded in the Setting, your customers will be able to approach these details quickly from the tooltip on the Quick view popup: 

Color swatches

Similar to the Size Setting, if the title of color options is named unusually or in different languages..., please define it clearly in the Setting. 

After that, the app can sync the current variants and automatically update the colors HEX accordingly for most of the popular cases. Otherwise, you can manually configure your own variants as below:  

Tada, it is done! Let's rock your sales with our new feature.