Besides custom offers you can create yourself, this app has Smart Upsell and Smart Cross-sell options that could help you up-sell and cross-sell in an easier, faster way. In Smart Up-sell (Smart Cross-sell), you have 2 options: Global Smart Up-sell (Global Smart Cross-sell) and Suggested Offers. Both of them automatically suggest personalized upsell products or cross-sell combos to your customers, based on sales history and customers' behaviors the app collects and analyses. However, they have different purposes which will be discussed below.

Note: Since this feature works base on your sales history, the longer time the app stays on your store, the better offers it will create.

1. Global Smart Up-sell/Cross-sell

Global Smart Up-sell recommends relevant up-sell products automatically without any human effort that eventually save a lot of time for creating offers manually. When you first install Boost Sales app, Global Smart Up-sell is on by default. Besides, the most interesting thing is the smart up-sell offers will vary for each customer. In other words, depends on each individual's behavior, they will see different up-sell/cross-sell offers. In addition, order history in your store will also affect the way smart up-sell/cross-sell offer works. For example, Smart up-sell will suggest different product when the season change or there is a new trend of products combination in your sales history.

This feature will be automatically turned on when you first install Boost Sales app. This function works best with a reasonable amount of store data when store owners have a bunch of product and are not able to handle every single item.

2. Suggested offers

Different from Global Smart Up-sell/Cross-sell, Suggested offers need your approval to be activated. After Boost Sales is installed in your store, it will review, look for products that are often bought together then suggest equivalent offers. The score is counted based on the frequency of the combination that Boost Sales finds in your order record. By clicking Create Offer button, the suggested offer will live on your store. For this kind of offers, you are able to add a discount to make it more attractive.

Suggested Offers is the best choice for those who don't want to depend too much on Global Smart Up-sell and need a smarter way to create offer rather than custom offers.

Now enjoy your sales going up