Basically, these 2 offers are similar however their names indicated the differences. 

  • Just-Take-It offer: Visitors will only need to click 'Get deal' to receive the offer if their offers meet the conditions you set up. This offer makes highest conversion rate among all Checkout Boost offers. And it is suggested to use this as a pre-purchase offer.

  • Share-To-Get offer: Your visitors will be encouraged to share your product to social networks to get offer. This kind of offer helps to increase both of your conversion rate and organic traffic from the shares of your customers. Customers are most willing to share to receive the incentive when they finish their purchases. So you should create this as a Post-purchase offer. 

Below is the general instructions for both of the offers. Let's get started.

Step 1. Select Pre-purchase of Post-purchase

Step 2. Select what you want to offer your customers

- Cart discount: customers will get a monetary/percentage discount code. Remember to generate this code in your store backend.

- Free gift: any items in your store can be offered and they can be the items which you would like to sell out. You can offer multi-item to give different choices for customers.

(This option is not available if you select Post-purchase Incentive)

Important Note: if you would like to offer a free gift, Checkout Boost app will automatically generate new variants. In order that these variants are invisible from your front-end, you will need to add some code to your theme. You can add the code yourself, following this instruction. Or if you are not familiar with coding, our engineering team can complete this step for you at no cost. Just contact us and we will finish the code installation for you within 1 working day. 

(This is required with Shopify platform only).

- Free ship: a free shipping code will be shown on offer. Remember to generate this code in your store backend.

Step 3. Create offer's message


Make your copywriting beautiful and sweet. Examples: 

–  We’ve got a little surprise just for you! 

–  Awesome! Here’s our gift for a wonderful customer like you. 

–  Wanna get this cool item for free? Share your new order with friends now. 

Create a sense of urgency / scarcity. Examples: 

–  A free gift / 10% discount just for you! Offer ends at midnight.

–  Get your free-shipping code now or never! 

–  This sweet little free gift is running out of stock Get yours now or never! 

–  Only 100 free gifts are available. You want it? 

You can also upload your free gift image or free shipping/ discount code sign as popup's image to catch more attentions from customers.

Step 4. Set rules to show your offer: This part is most IMPORTANT

1. Where do you want to show the offer? (This settings is only available with Pre-purchase offer since Post-purchase offer always show in Thankyou page after customers complete their orders)

There are 3 options for you to choose.


  • Please DO NOT select option 2: Show offer on cart page if your site DOES NOT HAVE CART PAGE
  • If you select option 1: Show offer after customers add matched product to cart and your store DOES NOT HAVE AJAX CART, this will cause some CONFLICT and the offer will NOT BE ABLE TO WORK. 


WHY? A store does not have Ajax cart meaning that customers will be redirected to Cart page immediately after hitting Add to cart button. And if you set up your offer to show up after customers add matched item to cart: the offer is triggered by this button on product page as well. This will cause conflicts and the app can not properly work.

2. Set up offer's conditions.


- Product: you can add multi-item or multi-collection in condition.

- Product price: a progress bar will appear to motivate your customers to add more items to cart to reach the goal. If you want to apply your offer to all orders, let set the goal at zero and the progress bar will not show for this offer.

Exit-intent feature: if you would like to show your offer only when customers perform leaving signs, you should enable this feature.

Progress bar: Will show up when you set product price rule.

Step 5. Edit Twitter message. (This option is not supported with Facebook share's message due to restriction from Facebook)

ALL DONE! Hit Add offer and check how it works on your site.

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