Post-purchase offers are created to attract your customers to come back and take advantage of the incentives which you gave them. In other words, you should use Post-purchase offers when you want your customers to return to your store by giving them a code for a discount or free shipping. 

Note: You must create the code in your store backend. Checkout Boost is only accountable for showing the code. 

How to create a Post-purchase offer?

Step 1: In Offers tab >> Click Add offer >> Choose Share-to-get offer or Just-take-it offer

Add offer

Step 2: Choose post-purchase

Choose what kind of offers

Step 3: Choose what you would like to offer your customers

There are two options: Cart discount and Free shipping

Post - purchase

Step 3: Edit offer message

The message should encourage customers, make them willing to share your products with their friends. Eg: Wanna get this cool T-shirt for free? Share with friends on Facebook or Twitter and this awesome T-shirt is yours. 

Checkout Boost offers you some default images. However, you can choose to upload your own image. 

Offer message

Step 4: Edit Twitter sharing message (if your post-purchase offer is Share-to-get offer)

As Facebook doesn't allow pre-populated sharing message so you can change Twitter message only.

More settings

Step 5: Everything is ready? Click "Add offer" button and see how it works on your store

After you place an order, the share-to-get offer will show up on thank you page to ask you share your cart on social media to get the code. You can add the items listed below the code to take advantage immediately or use the code for the next purchase.

shopify listing post purchase no water mark

Minimized icon: If you close the popup, the offer will be minimized to an offer icon at the bottom right corner. You can choose the icon you love and the position of minimized icon: bottom right, middle right or hidden in settings tab.

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