How to turn a new customer into a loyal customer? 

Post-purchase offer will help you do that. 

After placing an order, your customer will be redirected to thank you page and the Post-purchase offer will pop up here to catch his attention. If he shares his cart on social media, the code will be revealed with some items listed below the code. 

What will you do when having a code? As usual, the customer will comeback to your store and take advantage or simply add the listed items and place a new order. 

Congrats! You have just had a new loyal customer. How will it look like on desktop and mobile?

shopify listing post purchase no water mark


With three options to offer customers including Cart Discount, Free gift and Free ship, the benefits this offer can bring to you are:

  • Motivate more purchases with Post-purchase Upsell: After customers complete an order, a popup shows up to reward them a special discount if they share cart to social media, then upsell more items they might be interested in based on order they just made. Now that customers receive an awesome offer from you, they will come back to redeem their discount, make more purchase, and become your loyal fan forever!

  • Gain new customers from social networks via Word of Mouth: Let’s say you are selling iPhone cases, it’s perfect to offer a screen protection for free if customers share this product on their Facebook. It will not only motivate them to finish purchase to catch your offer, but it will help a lot in introducing new customers to your store without spending any fee in Marketing or Facebook Ads.

  • Increase average order value with Sales Motivator: Sales Motivator feature maximizes ROI on any discount/free-gift/free-shipping offers you give away by increasing average cart value from each customer. When you choose to limit your offer for orders from a minimum value, Sales Motivator header bar encourages customers to spend a little more to reach the special offer. It makes shopping on your store more fun and exciting with the rule of gamification

  • Prevent cart abandonment and boost checkout rate with Exit Popup: Do you know 68% of online shoppers abandon their cart right on cart page? Let's fix this number for your own store, by interrupting customer's intention of leaving your site without completing their order, with exit intent popup. By detecting mouse's navigation on browser, Checkout Boost knows when customers are about to leave the store, then shows a last-minute checkout-boost offer to encourage them to stay longer and finish their cart with an extra discount coupon.

How to create a Post-purchase offer?

Is it complicated? No, it's not. Let follow my instruction below to create it:

In Offers tab >> Click Add offer >> Choose Share-to-get offer or Just-take-it offer

Step 1: Choose post-purchase

Step 2: Choose what you would like to offer your customers

There are two options: Cart discount and Free ship

- Cart discount: customers will get a monetary/percentage discount code. Remember to generated this code in your store backend.

- Free ship: a free shipping code will be shown on offer. Remember to generated this code in your store backend.

Step 3: Edit offer message

- Let's think of something interesting to attract your customers take your offer. For example: 

  • Subject should be a hook to catch customers' attention. Eg: Special offer for lucky customers like you / A little surprise just for you! 
  • Message should encourage customers, make them willing to share your products with their friends. Eg: Wanna get this cool T-shirt for free? Share with friends on Facebook or Twitter and this awesome T-shirt is yours. 

- If you have your own image >> tick "use your own image" option >> click "choose file" to upload (your image should be in *PNG, *JPG, *JPEG format and not larger than 4MB).

- If you want to use the default image >> untick "use your own image" option >> choose the suitable image for your offer.

Step 4: Edit Twitter sharing message (if your post-purchase offer is Share-to-get offer)

As Facebook doesn't allow pre-populated sharing message so you can change Twitter message only.

Step 5: Everything is ready? Click "Add offer" button and see how it works on your store

After you place an order, the share-to-get offer will show up on thank you page to ask you share your cart on social media to get the code. You can add the items listed below the code to take advantage immediately or use the code for the next purchase.

shopify listing post purchase no water mark

Minimized icon: If you close the popup, the offer will be minimized to an offer icon at the bottom right corner. You can choose the icon you love and the position of minimized icon: bottom right, middle right or hidden in settings tab.

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