What is a Countdown offer? 

Countdown offers will urge your customers to add items to cart in a limited time. Add this item to cart to see how it works on a site

countdown timer offer to boost checkout


With three options to offer customers including Cart Discount, Free gift and Free ship, the benefits this offer can bring to you are:

  • Skyrocket checkout rate with Countdown Timer offers: Checkout Boost helps you create flash offers with countdown timer to motivate customers to complete order before time runs out. A nice countdown timer will show on the popup and minimized icon on the website corner to remind customers that clock is ticking!

  • Increase average order value with Sales Motivator: Sales Motivator feature maximizes ROI on any discount/free-gift/free-shipping offers you give away by increasing average cart value from each customer. When you choose to limit your offer for orders from a minimum value, Sales Motivator header bar encourages customers to spend a little more to reach the special offer. It makes shopping on your store more fun and exciting with the rule of gamification

  • Prevent cart abandonment and boost checkout rate with Exit Popup: Do you know 68% of online shoppers abandon their cart right on cart page? Let's fix this number for your own store, by interrupting customer's intention of leaving your site without completing their order, with exit intent popup. By detecting mouse's navigation on the browser, Checkout Boost knows when customers are about to leave the store, then shows a last-minute checkout-boost offer to encourage them to stay longer and finish their cart with an extra discount coupon.

How to create a countdown offer like that? Let follow my instruction below:

In Offers tab >> Click Add offer >> Choose Countdown offer

Step 1: Choose what you would like to offer your customers

There are three options: Cart discount, Free gift and Free ship

- Cart discount: customers will get a monetary/percentage discount code. Remember to generate this code in your store backend.

- Free gift: any items in your store can be offered and they can be the items which you would like to sell out. You can offer multi-item to give different choices for customers.

Important Note: if you would like to offer a free gift, Checkout Boost app will automatically generate new variants. In order that these variants are invisible from your front-end, you will need to add some code to your theme. You can add the code yourself, following this instruction. Or if you are not familiar with coding, our engineering team can complete this step for you at no cost. Just contact us and we will finish the code installation for you within 1 working day. 

(This is required with Shopify platform only).

- Free ship: a free shipping code will be shown on offer. Remember to generate this code in your store backend.

Step 2: Edit your offer's information

- You should create an attractive Subject and Message to urge your customers. For example: 

  • The subject should be a hook to catch customers' attention. Eg: Special offer for lucky customers like you / A little surprise just for you! 
  • Urging customers is a good message. E.g: Only 5 minutes left! / Get this great deal right now!

- Countdown clock will show the real time as you set up.

Step 3: Set rules to show your offer: This part is most IMPORTANT 

1. Where do you want to show the offer?

There are 3 options for you to choose.


   - You should select option 2 (Cart page) or 3 (Exit Intent) with this kind of offer

  - If you select Exit Intent, please make sure that the offer's incentive is more valuable than other pre-purchase offer (if any)

2. Set up offer's conditions.

- Product: you can add multi-item or multi-collection in condition.

- Product price: a progress bar will appear to motivate your customers to add more items to cart to reach the goal. If you want to apply your offer to all orders, let set the goal at zero and the progress bar will not show for this offer.

Exit-intent feature: if you would like to show your offer only when customers perform leaving signs, you should enable this feature.

Progress bar: Will show up when you set product price rule.

Step 4: Everything is ready? Click "Add offer" button and see how it works on your store.

The Countdown clock offer will pop out and the clock will count the real time as you set. If you don't complete the discount within the limited time or close the popup, you will be redirected to cart page. 

countdown timer offer to boost checkout

If you close the popup, the countdown offer will be minimized to a clock at the bottom right corner and still continues to count the time.

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