How Browse Abandonment Campaign benefits your business?

By following your visitors from the moment they enter your store and tracking their browsing, searching, viewing behavior, Browse Abandonment Campaign predicts what products each visitor is interested in and actively nurtures them with automated personalized emails that make them actually purchase.

Browse Abandonment series has 2 follow-up emails. They will send out in turn until your visitors are successfully converted into paying customers.


To whom it sends?


A customer considered entering Browse Abandonment Campaign when he/she showed significant interest in some specific products on the store but left without making a purchase. The app will determine these customers by tracking their searching, browsing and viewing history on your store.

When will the campaign send?


By default, since a customer enters the segment:

  • 1st email will send after 6 hours
  • 2nd emails will send after 24 hours

You can change time delay to send each email by editing the campaign:

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