How you should display Sales Pop notifications actually is based on the nature of your business. There are various approaches you can go, and below are some of our recommendations: 

  • Show on Mobile: turned on, if you have any widgets at the bottom of your site you can move the notifications to the top of your site

  • Display in random order: turn on to create more life-like feeling

  • Display time: 5 seconds is the best option, customers can have enough time to read the notification

  • Only Display Notifications Within The Last: this depends on how often customers visit your site, make sure that customers will see fresh notifications whenever they come back 

  • Maximum per page: this depends on how long a customer'd likely to stay on your page. For example: if they often stay for 1 minute, the number should be 8 - 10 notifications per page.

  • Desktop Position: bottom left is the best option

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